PCB revese engineering Processing

- Jun 15, 2017-

PCB revese engineering Processing

If there is a four-layer board, components have been removed, the surface clean, we have to copy it into a PCB file, according to the following steps:

1, scan the top board, save the picture, from the name top.bmp, then set the scan DPI can be set according to the different density, if the setting is 400DPI.

2, scan the underlying board, save the picture, from the name bottom.bmp

3, the middle layer 1 with coarse sandpaper grinding out, leakage of copper, clean the scan after the map, from the name mid1.bmp

4, the middle layer 2 with coarse sand paper grind out, leak out the copper, wipe clean after the scan, from the name mid2.bmp

5, PHOTOSHOP in each picture to adjust the level (select the picture to ensure that the picture into the level, so out of the line look good, and more than one map is easy to align up and down), it is recommended that the bottom of the map to do the level of mirror, so that the top of the map Is the same direction, the upper and lower positioning holes consistent. Note that there is no need to cut the picture just right, it is best to leave some wealth, basically as long as the picture transferred to the level of peace.

6, open the color copy board software, from the main menu "file" -> "open the BMP file", select the top.bmp file open.

7, set up DPI, you can copy the top floor map, the first layer to the top, and then began to put components, vias, wires and so on. 8, the top of all things put away, save temporary files (instructions and help have, through the menu or the toolbar on the button to choose their own), from the name top-1.dpb (the middle of different time to save the The name suggests a different number of names, such as top-1.dpb, top-2.dpb, so to avoid the cause of the computer failure to destroy the last file, but a version of the file can be saved, to reduce the loss, this is a suggestion to see individuals Hobby).

9, close the current picture window (note that one can only open a picture, do not open multiple pictures)

10, from the main menu "file" -> "open the BMP file", select the bottom map bottom.bmp, and then open the temporary file top-1.dpb, then you will find the top picture and the bottom of the background map is not aligned, Ctrl + A key combination, all the selected elements selected, press the keyboard on the next, left, right cursor keys or 2,4,6,8 number keys to move the whole, select a few reference points and background map corresponding Point alignment, then you can choose the current layer for the bottom, open the bottom line, pad, fill, etc., if the top line of the line to block the bottom, how do? Very simple, from the main menu "Options" in the selected "layer color settings", the top of the hook can be dropped, the same top screen printing can also be closed. After copying the bottom layer, save the temporary file for the bottom-1.dpb, or save the PCB file for the bottom-1.pcb, then the file is already two layers of alignment, the layers of the document.

11, the same middle layer of the copy board process is the same, repeat steps 9 ~ 10, the final output of the PCB file, is the four together and the physical touch of the same PCB map.

Color copy board software shortcut keys and some PROTEL is the same, you can see the software help or manual in the "shortcut key list"

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