PCB library

- Jul 06, 2017-

Commonly used PCB library files

     1. The component library contained in the \ library \ pcb \ connectors directory contains the most common part of the connector PCB package

     1) .D type connectors.ddb, including parallel port, serial port interface components of the package

     2) .headers.ddb: contains a variety of plug components of the package

     2. \ library \ pcb \ generic footprints directory of the database contains the component library contains most of the ordinary components of the PCB seal

     1) .general ic.ddb, containing CFP, DIP, JEDECA, LCC, DFP, ILEAD, SOCKET, PLCC series and surface mount resistors, capacitors and other components package

     2) .international rectifiers.ddb, containing IR's rectifier bridge, diodes and other common components of the package

     3) .Miscellaneous.ddb, containing resistors, capacitors, diodes and other packages

     4) .PGA.ddb, containing PGA package

     5) .Transformers.ddb, contains the transformer components of the package

     6). Transistors.ddb contains the package of transistor elements

     3. \ library \ pcb \ IPC footprints directory of the component database contains the component library contains the vast majority of the surface of the packaging components

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