PCB industry, the use of industrial robots instead of doing five big advantage

- Jul 11, 2016-

In recent years, China has gradually entered the aging society, the development of traditional labor-intensive enterprises increasingly restricted, PCB as a labor-intensive industry, more and more feel the "recruitment difficulties" with the issue. Applications of industrial robots for the PCB industry has brought new impetus. Use of robots operating mode of production automation equipment, is gradually replacing the manual mode of production automation equipment, then instead of using robots What are the advantages of doing business in the PCB really have it?

1. The use of robots operating environment to avoid potential threats to workers' health and safety, saving the investment in environmental security.


2. To enhance the accuracy of the job, improve product quality. Programming and robot vision system can be used to achieve accurate positioning and repeatability, effectively improve the quality of the product.


3. reduce material consumption rate.


4. Reduce labor, to expedite the work rhythm, improve work efficiency. Robots can achieve higher speed repetitive actions can be much higher than the manual work rhythm, leading to significantly enhancing the efficiency and labor costs, reduce management costs.


5. You can make the manufacturing process flexibility. Future PCB industry will be ordering more and more small batches, use of industrial robots can greatly improve production flexibility, rapid delivery of orders.

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