PCB industry people need to know things

- May 08, 2017-

PCB industry people need to know things

The future development trend of the automobile industry has brought about a huge gap

With the development of automotive industry technology and the use of the user preferences, the next 30 years, China's auto industry chain and products will face major challenges and changes in the future of China's auto industry is expected to show the following trends. Next Xiaobian and you look at the next four major trends in the development of the automotive industry.


First, the car power - electric

Predict the future With the upgrading of technology, the use of high efficiency batteries and environmental protection will become the main direction of development of new energy vehicles.


Is expected in 2050, first-tier cities around the city will no longer have the traditional fuel vehicle driving, replaced by a clean energy and will be a zero-emission new energy electric vehicles.


By 2050, in order to ensure the smooth operation of electric vehicles, all street side, parking lot and other places of public parking vehicles will be equipped with all wireless charging facilities, the highway will be along the way of wireless charging coverage of the large channel.


Second, the car form - lightweight, intelligent, environmentally friendly

Lightweight: the direction of the development of electric vehicle technology, to 2050, with the technology and new materials to further breakthrough and development, automotive "materials" will ensure the strength of the body at the same time, the body weight lighter.

Intelligent: from ADAS (advanced driving support system) to unmanned.

Environmental protection: body material can be recycled.

Third, car use - shared

Now the emergence of drops, excellent steps, etc. has greatly stimulated the transformation of China's auto operations, car sharing can be used with fewer cars carrying more people, while saving the city traffic. 3, 5 years later, with the technology to further update the vehicle based on the car network positioning, car sharing will become the main form of people car life.


Fourth, the auto industry - highly centralized

With the innovation and development of automobile technology, it is expected that by 2050, the automobile industry structure will also be changing dramatically. The design, development and manufacture of automobile will be highly concentrated in the new and few groups. Of the group will also integrate resources, the use of new thinking to get through the various ports of the automotive industry, change the automotive industry system.

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