PCB in the establishment of green supply chain need to contribute to the whole industry

- Jul 11, 2016-

In recent years, due to material costs, as well as rising labor costs decline in product prices and investment in environmental protection, making the PCB industry in recent years have developed relatively slow. And therefore there have been many PCB factory closed down Wages, employees pay talks nowhere and so on negative information. Despite the current industry situation is not the best of man, but the danger is still organic, PCB industry should summon the morale of positive transformation. And green as a corporate transformation very important part, not only changing the way people on board there is a high pollution industry, high energy consumption, high consumption of prejudice, but also improve the competitiveness of enterprises at the request of the Internet and other new era of + force. Thus enterprises to increase green investment, green production is carried out transformation and upgrading of important steps. The green investment not only in enterprises to increase funding for environmental protection, but also in the circuit board industry green procurement.

On the Chinese electronics manufacturing and Green Procurement Summit held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center cum "green PCB Manufacturing Practice" trial news conference by PCB Green Manufacturing Industry Alliance launched "green PCB Manufacturing Practice" pilot caused the practitioners in the board great resonance. Conference invited the China Electronics Enterprises Association Vice Chairman PCB Green Manufacturing Industry Alliance Secretary-General Jinguang Tao, Guangdong Xin Guosheng, president of Printed Circuit Industry Association, Sheng Wang Tao, Chairman and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Energy Saving and Comprehensive Utilization Department HJ Deputy Director and other important guests participate. In actively promoting "green PCB Manufacturing Practice", but also invited Huawei Zhou silver, Konka Guiping Deng entrepreneurs do purchase a keynote speech, intended for the PCB industry innovation, driving the transformation to provide clear direction.

Sustainable Green Supply Chain Practice

Procurement as industrial manufacturing of circuit boards and other front-end investment, can be said that the PCB industry production source. Therefore, starting from the source to realize the concept of green, it is bound to play a very good leading role in the whole production and marketing process. But it also can encourage enterprises to accelerate the establishment of sustainable green supply chain.

In the past, excessive development of the enterprise is vertically integrated, with suppliers undisciplined, too loose customers audit certification. So to some extent caused by the situation behind closed doors. Many environmental protection concepts and measures only in a small part of the implementation of the industrial chain, a far cry from the green, and thus caused a lot of resources can not be truly optimized integration. And now, more and more enterprises begin to open, outsourcing integration. Accelerate the competitiveness of the construction industry as well as suppliers of cooperation, so as to establish a systematic mechanism of power. The specific performance in sustainable development into business, acting in concert with the industry and peer interactive learning and other aspects of the supply chain, toward the green channel, green operations, Green Partner, Practice Development Green World Sustainable Green Supply Chain.

Under cross-border competition in procurement management

In industry boundaries are blurring and cross-border competition increasingly fierce, how positive response came from the same industry, and the pressure exerted by cross-border competition has become particularly important. Based on the same industry are nearly identical pattern to give businesses a competitive procurement to manage stress may be far cross-border subversion pressure competitors mainstream practitioners competition model applied to small.

 Cross-border competition can be said that another way to competition from the existing resources of the enterprise and mainstream practitioners, such as micro-payments and payment of the bank's letter, both with the same pay, but in vastly different ways. So, faced with cross-border competitors pressing harder and harder, mainstream practitioners to do more purchasing management quality is king, fast response, cost competitiveness, optimize inventory and win-win cooperation. To cross-border competition in many new, unique and very meet market bombing mode, upstream, to maintain and occupy the most favorable position. + At the same time in the Internet environment, companies actively serve the PCB industry green procurement, in fact, to a certain extent also in common to build competitiveness of the industry.

Development of the industry to conform to the trend of the times, in order to withstand the challenges posed by the environment, manufacturing is the case, the PCB industry is also true.

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