PCB development and innovation scoreboard can improve their work performance

- Jul 25, 2016-

21 century, the wheel of history rolls on, the development of technology is also changing, our circuit board sub-board machine in the continuous development of the industry. But in recent years the development of China's manufacturing blocked, gradually affect all walks of life, then in the case of product homogeneity, Technological Innovation Competition Competition is crucial after-sales service, and foreign enterprises almost in the development of new circuit board sub-board machine technology, and we can not be complacent, we also need continuous technological innovation, so as to contribute to our development.

Some people have said that China has the ability to cottage non-human can stop, no matter what the end product of science and technology, from weapons and equipment, down to the daily necessities, as long as Chinese people look at, you can imitate the necessarily exactly the same thing out, Chinese people tend to mimic the ability of foreigners to make catch, such as one pair of Adidas basketball shoes, genuine eighty-nine hundred, a hundred high imitation can be purchased, but the fake stuff out there who can not be possible for the original distinguish the authenticity, so amazing ability to mimic, but in creativity above and far abroad, the birth of the domestic circuit board sub-board machine start is derived from foreign circuit board sub-board machine imitation, from appearance to technologies We are looking for innovation and development in the domestic market imitation. From the beginning of the pass circuit board sub-board machine to curve circuit board sub-board machine, laser circuit board sub-board machine, circuit board sub-board machine has been constantly advancing innovation.

 Now more serious entire circuit board sub-board machine industry homogeneity, in order to meet the domestic status of circuit board sub-board machine market, forcing practitioners circuit board sub-board machine had to make technology and appearance products, technology innovation.

 Some of the counterfeit products out of disdain, but it also stems from a breakthrough innovation forget counterfeit after a lot of great inventions of mankind are derived from imitation, the Wright brothers to imitate the wings of birds, created the aircraft, radar scientists mimicked ergonomic principles bat imitation, imitation is not shameful and therefore, it is critical to continuous innovation through imitation, to constantly break through the traditional process, to make the product even more perfect, this product is to make enduring the ultimate esoteric .

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