​PCB design Tips:

- Apr 18, 2017-

PCB design Tips:

PCB board design based on the principle of Protel DXP layout software

Protel DXP is the first design tool all rolled into one board-level design system, electronic designers from the initial project planning module to the final form of production data can be achieved in accordance with their own designs. Protel DXP design optimized to run on the browser platform, and with all of today's advanced design features that can handle a variety of complex PCB design process. By design input simulation, PCB drawing board editing, automatic topology routing, signal integrity analysis and design output technology integration, Protel DXP offers a comprehensive design solutions.

PCB board design principles include the following aspects:
1, PCB board selection
2, PCB board size
3, PCB board component placement
4, PCB board layout
5, PCB board ground
6, PCB board interference
7, PCB board pads
8, PCB board to fill a large area
9, PCB board jumper
10, PCB board high frequency wiring

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