PCB board selection tips

- Apr 18, 2017-

PCB boards are generally made of copper-clad laminates, respect from the electrical performance, reliability, processing requirements and economic indicators when considering board layer selection. Commonly used copper-clad laminate was paper phenolic copper clad laminates, copper epoxy paper laminates, epoxy glass cloth copper clad laminates, copper epoxy phenolic glass cloth laminated board, copper PTFE glass fabric laminates and multi-layer printed circuit board with epoxy glass cloth. Laminates of different materials have different characteristics. Epoxy resin and copper foil has excellent adhesion, so the higher the copper foil adhesion strength and operating temperature, can not foaming at 260 ℃ in molten tin. Less affected by epoxy resin impregnated glass cloth laminate damp gas. The best ultra-high frequency circuit board is a copper PTFE glass cloth laminate. Flame retardant in electronic equipment requirements, but also flame retardant PCB board, PCB boards are immersed in these flame-retardant resin laminate.

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