pcb board and use a color difference

- Jul 15, 2016-

First, PCB as printed circuit boards, the main provider of interconnection between electronic components. Color and properties not directly related to the different electrical properties of the pigment will not have an impact. PCB board performance good or bad is to design and layers of wiring boards and other factors determined by the materials used (high Q). However, in the process of washing PCB, black is the most likely to cause color of raw materials and production processes used in the factory if the PCB slight deviation, because it will result in PCB color defect rate increases. This directly results in increased production costs.

In fact, PCB raw materials are everywhere in our daily lives, that is glass fiber and resin. Glass fiber and resin combination of hardening into a heat insulation, insulation, and not easy to bend the board, this is the PCB substrate. Of course, rely on glass fiber and resin bonded PCB board is not signal transduction, so the PCB board manufacturers will cover a layer of copper on the surface, so the PCB substrate may also be called the copper substrate.

Since the black PCB circuit traces illegible will increase research and development and after-sales service and commissioning phases of the difficulty, if not the general deep skill RD (R & D) design and maintenance team of powerful brand, it is not easy with a black PCB of. It can be said is a brand with a black PCB design for RD and post maintenance team are confident performance from the side, that is a manufacturer for their confidence in the strength of a reflection.

Pcb market is mostly red, green pcb, pcb board or blue, black pcb board general use or high-end flagship product, it is not common.

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