ON Semiconductor LED lighting power solutions

- Apr 12, 2017-

Compared with the traditional light source, light-emitting diode (led) has many advantages, such 

as low operating voltage, high efficiency, very small and produce directional light. They can provi

de very wide color and white light, do not produce infrared (UV) or ultraviolet (UV) radiation, and

 because they are solid-state devices, are mechanically strong and do not contain mercury, in the 

appropriate design and use can have more than 50,000 hours of work life, much longer than the stand

ard incandescent 1 thousand hours of life. In addition, they are fully tunable. These advantages ma

ke LED applications more and more widely, and now has a large number of application markets, such 

as architectural landscape lighting, traffic lights, display, retail, small and medium size LCD 

(LCD) backlight, cars and solar energy, Lighting, residential lighting and even large and medium 

size LCD backlight has a growing room for development.

High-brightness LED for lighting design, global energy savings and innovative products of great 

significance to the birth of solid-state lighting revolution is essential. This revolution requires 

a holistic approach in which LEDs are integrated with power conversion and control electronics and 

thermal management solutions and optics.

LED lighting applications power solutions

As mentioned above, the LED is essentially a low voltage device; the forward voltage of the LED is 

between less than 2 V and 4.5 V depending on the color and current. In addition, LEDs need to be 

driven with a constant current to ensure the desired luminous brightness and color. This requires 

a corresponding power conversion and control solution to accommodate different power supplies, 

whether it is AC lines, solar panels, 12 V automotive batteries, DC or low voltage AC systems, and 

ealkali and nickel based batteries or lithium-ion batteries.

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