On Semi NCV7680 Automotive LED Lighting

- Apr 12, 2017-

The NCV7680 consists of eight linear programmable constant current sources. The part is designed for use in the regulation and control of LED based Rear Combination Lamps for automotive applications. System design with the NCV7680 allows for two brightness levELs, one for stop and one for tail illumination, or optional PWM control can also be implemented. 

Discrete LED brightness levels are easily programmed (stop current value, tail duty cycle value) optional external ballast FET allows for power distribution on designs requiring high currents. Set back power limit reduces the drive current during overvoltage conditions. This is most useful for low current applications when no external FET is used.

NCV7680 Feature:
Constant Current Outputs for LED String Drive   
LED Drive Current up to 75mA per Channel  
Open LED String Diagnostic with Open-Drain Output  
Slew Rate Control   
Low Dropout Operation  
External Modulation Capable   
On-chip 1 kHz Tail PWM Dimming
Stop Current Set Point programmability        
Tail Dimming Set Point programmability
Overvoltage Set Back Power Limitation

Advantage of NCV7680:

LED devices are best controlled with current drive due to their exponential voltage characteristics
Sufficient drive for most popular low current LED devices
System functionality back to the microprocessor
Eliminates EMI concerns
Maintains functionality during drops in automotive battery voltage
Flexible for many system operation setups
Simplifies system design.
Easy programmability with one resistor
Easy programmability with one resistor
Keeps IC temperature lower at extended voltage range.
Meets lead free regulations

NCV7680 Application:
Automotive Rear Combination Lamps 
Daytime Running Lights 
Fog Lights 

Center High Mounted Stop Lamps 

Turn Signal and Other Externally Modulated Applications 
LCD Backlighting 
Lighting Module 

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