Linear LT3598 Boost LED Driver

- Apr 12, 2017-

The LT 3598 is a fixed frequency step-up DC/DC converter designed to drive up to six strings of LEDs at an output voltage up to 44V. LED dimming can be achieved with analog dimming on the CTRL pin, and with pulse width modulation dimming on the PWM pin. The LT3598 accuratELy regulates LED current even when the input voltage is higher than the LED output voltage. The switching frequency is programmable from 200kHz to 2.5MHz through an external resistor.

Additional features include programmable overvoltage protection, switching frequency synchronization to anexternal clock, LED current derating based on junction temperature and/or LED temperature, LED string disable control, OPENLED alert pin and output voltage limiting when all LED strings are disconnected. The LT3598 is available in a thermally enhanced 24-pin (4mmx?4mm)QFN package.

Main Feature:
True Color PWM Dimming Delivers Up to 3000:1 Dimming Ratio
Drives Six Strings of LEDs at Up to 30mA
1.5% Accurate LED Current Matching
Wide Input Voltage Range: 3.2V to 30V
Output Voltage Up to 44V
Regulates Current Even When VIN > VOUT
Disconnects LEDs in Shutdown
Programmable Open LED Protection (Regulated)
Programmable LED Current Derating
Adjustable Frequency: 200kHz to 2.5MHz
Synchronizable to an External Clock
Parallel Channels for Higher Current per LED String
Thermally Enhanced 4mmx?4mm QFN Package


Notebook Computer Display
Medium Size Displays
Automotive LCD Display

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