LED lamps exported to the EU's CE and ERP

- May 03, 2017-

LED lamps exported to the EU's CE and ERP

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Lamps of the CE Division I do more, hoping to help you.


LED lighting products EU CE certified LVD directive is 2014/35 / EU, the main test standards are EN 60598-1, EN 60598-2 series, EN 61347-1, EN 61347-2-13, EN 62031 and EN 62471. Welcome to consult!

Where EN 60598-1 is a general safety standard for luminaires, it is generally necessary to combine the specific requirements of the EN 60598-1 and EN 60598-2 series for specific types of luminaires for specific types of luminaires to consider the safety characteristics of the fixture. EN 61347-1 is a general safety requirement for lamp controllers, while EN 61347-2-13 is a safety requirement for LED drive. EN 62031 is a safety specification for general lighting LED modules. The marking of the module, the terminal, the protective earth, the protection against electric shock, the insulation resistance after the tide, the electrical strength, the fault condition, the structure, the creepage distance and the electric clearance, , Fire and resistance to electric marks, anti-corrosion, and other relevant provisions. EN 62471 is a standard for evaluating the photobiological safety of lamps and lighting systems, including light sources, but excluding lasers, which classify continuous radiation lamps as exemptions, class 1 hazards (low Harm), two types of hazards (in the harm) and three types of hazards (high hazards) and other four categories.

The test items in the lamp type test are: Marking, Structure, External and Internal Lines, Protective Earthing, Electrical Protection, Dust, Water and Moisture Resistance, Insulation Resistance and Electrical Strength, Contact Current, Creepage Distance and Electrical Clearance, durability and thermal test, ball pressure, glowing wire and needle flame test. In our laboratory a large number of testing process found that the general occurrence of non-compliance with the higher probability of the test items are mainly creepage distance and electrical clearance, grounding resistance test, ball pressure, glowing wire and needle flame test, IP test.

LED lighting products EU CE certified EMC directive for the 2016/30 / EU. The applicable test criteria are EN 55015 and EN 61547, where the EN 55015 standard considers the requirements for product launch (ie, EMI), while EN 61547 considers the requirement for anti-jamming capability (EMS). If the product is AC powered or can be connected to the AC power supply, you need to add EN 61000-3-2 (current harmonics) and EN 61000-3-3 (voltage flash) these two tests.

EN 55015 this standard for a total of three test items: harassment voltage test, 9kHz ~ 30MHz range of radiation and electromagnetic interference within the range of 30MHz ~ 300MHz radiation electromagnetic interference. In particular, note that compared with the general product, the electric field radiation test only to test to 300MHz, without measuring 1GHz. At the same time the test and harassment voltage test of these two test items are usually easy to meet the lighting products test items. Manufacturers need special consideration when doing certification or testing.

The immunity test has seven test items for electrostatic discharge, radiation immunity, fast transient burst, lightning strike, surge, conducted immunity, power frequency magnetic field and voltage drop / voltage interruption. And the general product requirements are different lightning, surge of this test project, EN 61547 in the test level and product power will be related to less than or equal to 25W product testing level will be less than 25W of the product, and general products The test is independent of power. At the same time, lightning, surge this test project is all the EMS project more harsh a test, a lot of lighting products are difficult to pass the test. If the product of this test is not qualified, usually in the circuit with a varistor can pass the test.

In addition to the LVD directive and EMC directive in the CE certification, there is an important directive in the EU that is the ErP directive, which is the EU's eco-design requirements directive on energy-related products, and has identified low energy efficiency requirements for a variety of energy-related products. At present ErP directive on the LED lamp requirements are mainly reflected in the implementation of measures 244/2009, mainly on non-directional home LED lamp energy efficiency requirements


General ERP test report to do more than a good lighting products to do a good job of ERP instructions, then a bit cumbersome and expensive point


The EU then passed the "Energy Product Eco-Design Framework Directive" in November 2009, the ERP Directive: 2009/125 / EC. Replace the original directive: 2005/32 / EC

Clearly defined from November 1, 2009 exports to the EU product CE certification, must include LVD + EMC + ERP testing instructions.

CE certification for energy efficiency testing, preparation of product ecological documentation, referred to as ERP certification.

At present, through the laws and regulations to ERP detection of energy-consuming products are: computer ERP certification, TV, chargers, energy-saving lamps, lighting ERP certification.

EU regulations: all electronic products sold in Europe must meet the ERP testing or ERP certification requirements (European energy consumption associated with the product energy efficiency standards, for service details please contact!

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