led 5630 vs 5730

- Apr 24, 2017-

First of all, they belong to the power lamp beads, their power is defined as 0.5W, is a led patch light-emitting diode. The pads between them are generic, and there is no difference between them in the strict sense, and there is a slight difference between them in detail.

First, the difference between the size: 5630 for the 5.6mm (length) * 3.0mm (width) * 0.8mm (thick) and 5730 lamp beads difference of 5.7mm (length) * 3.0mm (width) * 0.8mm (thick).

Second, the difference between pins: 5630 lamp beads are four pins and 5730 is two pins.

Third, the Zener diode: the early 5630 is developed by Samsung, such as Samsung's regular supply should be added Zener diode, Zener diode role is to protect the role of lamp beads, and 5730 lamp beads on the one hand is not, Because with the technology in the continuous maturity, lamp beads process is more and more mature, the role of Zener diode is not so big

Fourth, the thermoelectric separation: like Taiwan's light of the 5630 is thermoelectric separation, thermoelectric separation can speed up the heat, so that lamp beads life expectancy, and 5730 lamp beads are also thermoelectric separation, but relatively rare, and 5730 lamp beads present I use the Secretary is a large heat sink, this effect can also play a role in accelerating the cooling of the lamp beads.

In addition to these differences, they are in the performance and use is common, and some is called the law is not the same, do not worry 5730 lamp beads of aluminum plate can not be used in the 5630 lamp beads.

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