Intertek Tianxiang Group: LED string string ETL certification requirements briefing

- Apr 06, 2017-

Intertek Tianxiang Group: LED string string ETL certification requirements briefing

Recently, Intertek Tianxiang Group opened the Guangzhou Electronic and Electrical Laboratory for decorative LED string string ETL certification services for manufacturers to provide a safe, one-stop performance solutions for customers to save time and bring great convenience. So, how to get LED string string ETL certification? What process do I need? What documents need to be prepared?

In order to solve the above problems, Intertek Electronic and Electrical Department will be held in December 19, 2014 in Dongguan LED string string ETL certification requirements briefing, with the potential suppliers to explore and analyze the above issues, help enterprises successfully stationed in the North American market. Invite you to participate!

For products: LED string

Purpose of the workshop:

• Analyze the value of LED string ETL certification to the manufacturer

• LED string certification process and audit requirements

Seminar Agenda:

• ETL certification requirements for LED strings

• Follow-up service requirements for LED strings

Seminar arrangement

Time: December 19, 2014 13: 30-17: 00

Venue: Hall 2, Banquet, 3rd Floor, Dongguan Changan International Hotel

Address: China Guangdong Dongguan City Changan De Zheng Road 222

language Chinese

Fees: Free of charge

ways of registration:

1. Online registration

2. Fill out the attachment form E-mail to the following contact.

Contact: Ms. Helen Zhu

Tel: 020-8213 9965


3. Application deadline: December 17, 2014 17:00


Ilan Lin

Intertek Group Manager, China Lighting Group

• Senior auditor for North American and European lighting standards;

• Intertek senior trainer;

• More than 9 years experience in lamp certification industry;

• Have unique practical experience in how to deal with safety certification requirements, effective prevention and control in design and production, and avoid quality risks.

• Lecture style humor, cordial and natural, easy to understand, well received by the majority of students.

Mr. Justin Liu

Intertek Tianxiang Group Asia Pacific Factory Inspection Department Technical Manager

• National CCAA registered auditor, senior trainer;

• ISO9000, QC080000 auditors

• IEC / ISO17020, IEC / ISO17025 internal auditors;

• CQC registered overseas CCC inspectors;

• 7 years experience in inspection and inspection industry, factory inspection specialist;

• How to build a system of effective management system based on the actual situation of the enterprise, how to carry out effective quality management of the whole process of product from design to manufacturing to marketing, how to meet the requirements of various product safety certification mark Rich practical experience;

• Lecture style vivid image, witty humor, rich case, pay attention to contact with reality, in-depth analysis, fundamentally solve the problem.

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