How to identify the material quality of the circuit board

- Mar 23, 2017-

How to identify the material quality of the circuit board

How to identify the quality of the circuit board?

The most important part of the electronic products is the circuit board, and the circuit board depends on the maximum part of the circuit board, the circuit board is not good, the following problem is possible:

1) in the welding, the pad very easy to fall off, resulting in the whole plate destroyed.

2) circuit board after a period of operation, the occurrence of micro-deformation, deformation of the circuit board shrinkage resulting in performance instability.

3) Transformers will lead to a more serious problem, so that your line deformation, so that your circuit board in a completely unstable state!

4) For the rework, if the plate is not, the pad is easy to fall off, the side is a direct result of rework products destroyed, resulting in serious losses.


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A grade material:

Method 1: General of all the plate manufacturers of A-class material will be marked, such as Kingboard (kb) material in the A-class material, the board has the word kb, if it is other grades like the B in the B and c Performance is poor, there is no standard, so the easiest way to distinguish is to see whether there is a mark in the plate (Note: the mark is present in the board, if there is copper above the above can not be found, if there is no place, Where it is erased)

Method 2: In addition to a mark, but also in the contract that is A-class material, or all the responsibility caused by the plate by the board

Zhejiang and Shenzhen 90% of the circuit board factory unspoken rules are used without performance guarantee B material and c material, in addition to some single factory, the performance requirements more stringent with A-class material! This is why foreign products, even in China OEM products, stable performance, and in China's products, there is always one way or another problem that the most fundamental reason, the use of several grades on the material, which Is a hidden rules of the industry, can be used to deal with the poor do not have a good, not to mention a non-professional you, sometimes with this can not see, what kind of sheet metal warehouse have, customers do not ask when not Know, and thus know the highest profit, so the most direct result is to damage the customer's right to know, damage the interests of customers, in fact, so long is not conducive to the long-term development of the circuit board industry!


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