How to design shaped pcb 1

- Jun 28, 2017-

The full PCB we expect is usually a regular rectangular shape. While most designs are really rectangular, many designs require irregularly shaped circuit boards, which are often less easily designed. This article describes how to design irregularly shaped PCBs.

     Today, the size of the PCB is shrinking, and the circuit board features more and more, coupled with the clock speed increase, the design will become more complicated. So let's take a look at how to deal with the more complex shape of the circuit board.

     As shown in Figure 1, a simple PCI board shape can be easily created in most EDA Layout tools.


However, when the board shape needs to adapt to a highly limited complex shell, the PCB designers are not so easy, because the functions of these tools and mechanical CAD system function is not the same. The complex circuit boards shown in Figure 2 are mainly used for explosion-proof enclosures and are subject to many mechanical limitations. It may take a long time and does not work to rebuild this information in the EDA tool. Because mechanical engineers are likely to have created the PCB designer's required housing, board shape, mounting hole location and height restrictions.


Due to the presence of radians and radii in the circuit board, even if the board shape is not complicated (as shown in Figure 3), the rebuild time may be longer than expected.


These are just a few examples of the complex circuit board shape. However, from today's consumer electronics, you will be surprised to find that many projects are trying to add all the features in a small package, and this package is not always rectangular. The first thing you should think of is smartphones and tablets, but there are many similar examples.

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