how to design a circuit board

- Apr 26, 2017-

how to design a circuit board--First step: 

⒈ circuit board of the basic design process can be divided into the following four steps:

Circuit board design process diagram

⑴ circuit schematic design

The schematic diagram of the circuit schematic is to use Protel DXP schematic editor to draw the schematic.

⑵ generate a network report

Network report is the display circuit principle and the link between the various components of the report, it is connected circuit schematic design and circuit board design (PCB design) bridge and link, through the circuit schematic network report, you can quickly find the yuan Devices, so as to facilitate the design of the back of the PCB.

⑶ printed circuit board design

Printed circuit board design is what we usually call the PCB design, it is the circuit schematic diagram into the final form, this part of the relevant design than the circuit schematic design is more difficult, we can use Protel DXP's powerful design Function to complete this part of the design.

⑷ generate printed circuit board report

Printed circuit board design is completed, the need to generate a variety of reports, such as generating pin reports, circuit board information reports, network status reports, and finally print out the printed circuit.

⒉ circuit schematic design is the basis of the entire circuit design, its design is directly behind the decision of the PCB design results. In general, the circuit schematic design process can be divided into the following seven steps:

⑴ start Protel DXP schematic editor

⑵ set the circuit schematic size and layout

⑶ remove the required components from the component library placed in the work plane

⑷ According to the design needs to connect components

⑸ on the wiring after the adjustment of components

⑹ save the schematic document has been painted

⑺ print out the output drawings

⒊ drawing size, direction and color mainly in the 'Documents Options' dialog box to achieve, the implementation of Design → Options command, you can open the 'Documents Options' dialog box, in the Standard Specifications area can set the paper size, click the button, in the drop-down list Box can choose A4 ~ OrCADE paper type. The orientation of the drawing is set by the Orientation option in the Options section of the 'Documents Options' dialog box, click the button, select Landscape, and set the horizontal drawing; select Portrait to set the vertical drawing. The color of the drawing is set in the Options section of the Drawing Settings dialog box. Click the Border Color block. You can set the border color of the drawing and click the Sheet Color block to set the background of the drawing.

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