How to choose led driver

- Mar 31, 2017-

LED lighting in the application of more and more widely, coupled with the advantages of traditional

lighting than the unique, in addition to improving the quality of life, improve the efficiency of 

light and extend the lamp life, the use of its unique dimming function for light color temperature

and brightness Changes, and fully meet the energy-saving applications for its greatest advantages.

LED lighting fixture performance depends on the matching with the LED light source and drive power.

In general, LED light source can be simply divided into two categories: a single LED diode light 

source or a resistor with a diode diode light source, in applications, sometimes LED light source 

will be designed to contain DC-DC conversion Of a module, such a complex module is not in the scope

of this article discussion. If the LED light source or module for the individual LED diode itself, 

the common dimming method to adjust the LED input current amplitude, so the choice of LED drive 

power supply should refer to this feature, Mingwei company HLG / ELG family characteristics That 

is, the current can be adjusted, and can be external 1-10VDC * or 10VPWM pulse width modulation or 

even only through a simple external variable resistor to control the output current modulation. 

Another LED diode with a resistor source (commonly known as LED light or LEDSTRIP), LED light bar 

is widely used is a series of LED diodes in series resistance, so the voltage is relatively stable, 

so the user You can take any commercially available constant voltage power supply to drive the LED 

light bar. Common LED light bar is generally 12VDC or 24VDC drive, but also in the LED light bar 

dimming applications may be a bit difficult. This paper describes the use of current amplitude 

dimming drive in the application of LED lights, but also discuss some common dimming problems, 

and also introduced the use of output pulse width (PWM) modulation of the adjustable LED power 

driver, Mingwei company launched and access to national technology innovation product award 

certainly PWM family series, is currently on the market the most appropriate and most simple LED 

light bulb dimming program.

The best LED light bar dimming scheme is to use the output pulse width modulation PWM dimming 

function to solve the common deadtravel dimming problem. Mingwei company provides PWM models cover 

40/60/90 / 120W and other four series, is very suitable for a variety of LED light bulb lighting 

applications LED drive power.

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