Guangdong Province issued 58 local standards related to LED lighting 11 items

- Apr 27, 2017-

Guangdong Province issued 58 local standards related to LED lighting 11 items


July this year, by the Guangdong Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau approved the release of 58 local standards in Guangdong Province, the formal implementation of which 11 LED lighting industry involved, including the Jiangmen High-tech Zone enterprises Jiangmen City Junda Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. is responsible for the development of the elevator lighting LED lighting design standards (No. DB4 4 / T1336-2014), the standard in the province and the country are the first to develop.


It is reported that the lighting design of the LED lighting design standards for the lighting standard value, quality, energy efficiency evaluation, lighting power supply and distribution and other indicators for the rated voltage below 250V DC and 1000V AC, can be widely used in office buildings, commercial residential real estate, Shopping malls, railway stations, subways, airports and other public places passenger elevator and cargo elevator lighting system.


LED explosion-proof lighting standards related to landing


In July, the national standard committee launched three LED explosion-proof lamp standard development plan, aimed at the development of technical standards, LED explosion-proof lights in the intelligent lighting control, application interface specifications and accelerated detection methods and other fields to regulate the market, guide the industry, promote innovation The In the international community, Zhaga Alliance announced the LED explosion-proof lighting engine interface specification Book7 and Book8, the EU developed LED explosion-proof lamp new energy efficiency standards also in March 2014 the formal implementation of the sale of LED explosion-proof lamps are forced to add new energy labels.

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