Future trends PCB industry

- Jul 18, 2016-

PCB Chinese name printed circuit boards, referred to as PCB, PCB electronics industry is an integral part. PCB which has been applied to every electronic device, such as the use of small calculators, electronic watches, a large electronic equipment used in computer communications, as long as the integrated circuits and other electronic components, in order to allow interconnection between them, should be use the PCB.

In larger electronic products during the study, the basic success factors is the PCB design of the product, documentation and manufacturing. PCB design and manufacturing quality directly affects the quality and cost of the product, and even lead to the success or failure of commercial competition. PCBA: PCBA = PrintedCircuit BoardAssembly, that is to say through SMT PCB empty plate on a piece, and then through the board DIP plug-in, called PCBA. It has posted good components PCBA, simply assembled housing, good debugging program, a complete electronic product produced even finished.

Since 2009, more and more electronic products manufacturer, is omitted in the procurement PCB back, they still go to the trouble to contact patch manufacturers typically make two choices: let the PCB manufacturers in the production of PCB contemporary processing patch, patch or allow manufacturers to substitute procurement PCB. In both modes, the procurement of commercial electronic products back PCBA, it can be mounted directly used to produce the finished product.

General Chamber of Commerce, production of electronic products have the ability to choose PCBA one-stop processing factories, or select the patch factory, so the patch works on behalf of the procurement PCB. Chip manufacturers Procurement PCB is a very simple thing, just let the customer provide drawings and production technology to produce; and the growing PCB market price transparency, facilitate the procurement. The PCB manufacturers because of the various components of the product and the price do not know; it is difficult to contact SMD chip production plant, we can only put all the focus on the production of PCB top, lost in vain contemporaries processing needs of customers.

Since 2010, PCB manufacturer, PCB production gradually at the same time, plant expansion, increasing PCBA processing lines. This step of the way, get a lot of electronics manufacturers recognized. Of course, this approach also has disadvantages favorable. Processing factory to increase profit margins, but it also increases the risk. Mainly due to the procurement of components for customers on behalf of, each of the components of electronic products required it is not the same, even if the same product, design drawings are not the same, the components used are not the same. If parts procurement model error, the board and components will also be scrapped. Direct economic losses caused by too difficult to estimate. An increase in human and material resources is then the inevitable. Under the pressure of market competition, PCB and PCBA processing contemporaries it is inevitable.

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