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- Apr 27, 2017-


 pcb design

From Mirko Bruno Sortini's ZentiPCB platform, which provides a series of free software to help users design their own PCB. ZentiCapture allows users to quickly and easily use a simple toolkit design schematic that allows users to place components (component symbols) through orthogonal locking and pin capture. Once the schematic (in the form of a chart) is complete, they can be ported to ZentiPCb.


ZentiPCB is a CAD-based program that allows users to import netlist files and visualize their charts. The layout editor provides the ability to import components directly from the library using cursors, supporting single and double panels depending on the requirements.




pcb design

TinyCAD comes from SourceForge users beischer, don_lucas and mattpyne. Do not underestimate this software because of the name of the software. This software provides all the features of PCB design and cabling design. This software contains 42 libraries, a total of 755 symbols, including digital logic gates, electromechanical components and even microcontrollers. And each of these components can be edited, the user can even add their own components in the symbol. TinyCAD supports a variety of netlist formats (Eagle SCR, PADS-PCB, XML, etc.), can also generate SPICE netlist.



 pcb design

CometCAD is another great case for the free software platform, which provides an electronic circuit schematic editor and a PCB layout editor. Only this software only supports Windows platform. CometCAD electronic circuit schematic editor supports multi-page schematic, symbol rotation, parts list and netlist schematic output. PCB layout editor provides almost all of the functions mentioned above (component library, double-sided PCB, etc.), also has the output CAM file function, but also can use it to design rectangular multi-PCB.



 pcb designThose who do not want unnecessary features, only need the most basic functions of people can try Suigyodo BSch3V schematic capture package (which BSch said Basic Schematic basic schematics). One of the PCB editor allows users to design single, double, or even four-layer PCB board, the design area of 30 square millimeters. It also has a component library, a component list builder, and a netlist generator. Users can also use the other two software to enhance the function of BSch3V, including SmdICpad (for obtaining QFP, PLCC, SOP data) and POLYGON (place of copper).


PCWeb Designer


pcb design

PCWeb Designer is one of the richest editors on the web and is free to use. The software has an impressive tool lineup that includes Schematic Capture, Wrap / Network, Annotations, PCBs (Placement Components, Wiring, Design Rules Check, etc.) and Part Editor (create / define components, add Symbols, etc.), which also includes the BOM function, BOM Manager integrates Digi-Key, allowing users to each PCB on a separate component assigned a number, the number will be displayed through the BOM to facilitate the procurement The This software is a software that is conducive to efficient production.



 pcb design

The Fritzing platform is not just a simple PCB editor, but its purpose is to really create its own design for the creators and hackers. The purpose of the design is to enable users to implement their own design based on Arduino microcontrollers and to create PCB cabling that can be used for production. Once the user has designed an actual circuit on the breadboard, it can then be transferred to the editor, which contains three different project perspectives. The breadboard view allows the user to drag and drop virtual electronic components on a virtual breadboard. The schematic view is the formal expression of the schematic diagram, which corresponds to the circuit on the virtual breadboard, but the user can also edit it as needed. Finally, the PCB viewing angle allows the user to place the component on a virtual printed circuit board and then it can be used for production.



 pcb design

One of the most popular PCB on the Internet free editor can be said to be KiCAD, which is a similar to the Fritzing EDA tools. This software provides the functionality of the virtual environment at every stage of the design process. Among the components included are Eeschema, Pcbnew, Gerbview and Cvpcb (for component-associated path selectors). In addition, it also built a BOM Manager, allowing users to mark the bill of materials and easy to calculate the cost.



 pcb design

DesignSpark's PCB platform is another PCB editing tool that has been widely used for EDA applications. Similar to the two tools mentioned earlier, the DesignSpark PCB provides the ability to edit schematics, while the PCB Wizard is used to refine the schematic, and Autorouter completes the automatic routing between components. But the software does have some need to pay attention to the place, such as this software is to eat resources, if the project does not exist on the same computer may be a problem, and some functions must be registered after the user to unlock, and the worst is This software will also show ads.



pcb design

Despite the fact that most of the PCB software is running on Windows-based computers, there are also some gEDA projects designed specifically for Linux users, including Ales Hvezda, which provides a collaborative open source EDA tool. Collaborative part refers to the continuous efforts of developers to develop and update gEDA toolkits, including gEDA schematic capture and netlist platform circuit design, PCB layout design and optimization, as well as Icarus Verilog (one for simulation Electronic system hardware description language). In addition, it includes ngspice / ngucap SPICE / simulator, gerbv Gerber viewer and GTKWave digital waveform viewer.


Osmand PCB

 pcb designA Mac-oriented PCB editor comes from the Osmand PCB, which allows the user to do almost any size, any shape of the PCB design, but also how many layers can be made to do the number of layers. The software can be designed for wiring up to 10 nanometers of spatial resolution and wiring at any angle, and supports imperial and metric units. Osmand also allows users to move and reposition the components, connect / route / modify the path, and use the library it contains to design the PCB label. The software also supports scripting support for Lua language, which generates Gerber (RS-274X) files and Excellon presentations. This is a free software for the configuration of luxury.

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