For e-commerce industry in Shenzhen force to create a global trading center PCB

- Jul 13, 2016-

Following the announcement to create a "virtual trading platform", e-commerce industry in Shenzhen began to impact the "Global PCB trading center" goal. Reporters from yesterday held "2011 Platinum upgrade strategy press conference" was informed that the global annual output value reached 350 billion yuan, with a total transaction value of 450 billion yuan of PCB industry abbreviation (that is, "printed circuit board" Printed circuit board of ), more than 20% of the purchase intent by Shenzhen is a professional e-commerce trading platform released. This makes the PCB business entities because the risk faced by the EIA, labor tensions, rising costs and other pressures presents relocation trend, Shenzhen or could become the world's PCB trading center.

Pearl River Delta Shenzhen PCB output value accounting for over Bacheng

According to the president of the city board Industry Association Xin Guosheng introduced, PCB is a substrate for the assembly of electronic components, known as "the mother of electronic systems," people's daily contact with computers, cell phones, television, and even microphones and other electronic products have PCB, but its embedded inside the product, it is difficult to see it. As early as 2006, China's PCB output had surpassed the United States in 2006, surpassing Japan, China's PCB output value ranked first in the world. PCB enterprises in the Pearl River Delta by the number and value is more than 50% of the national industry. Among them, Shenzhen PCB enterprises quantity and value, respectively, 78% and 82% of the Pearl River Delta region PCB industry.

However, due to the PCB industry concentration is not high, there is a large and small scale enterprises, the production of low value-added, environmental protection measures is not in place. Based on land, utilities, rent, labor prices, and tighter environmental policy and other pressure, PCB manufacturing is accelerating a trend shift from Shenzhen outwardly, but many are the research and development headquarters, the information center to stay in Shenzhen, manholes area is gathering area .

Leveraging third-party platform gathered strong service resources

Platinum-linked whole network CEO Hu said that in the traditional PCB line transaction structure, the presence of asymmetric information, communication cycle is too long, high transaction costs, low transaction efficiency. Has been engaged in PCB industry for 15 years, linking the whole Hu believes that online software industry and extensive business opportunities with core competitiveness and release management capabilities, remodeling industry chain structure of the transaction, buyers and sellers can greatly improve the transaction swift and transaction frequency, so that this relatively slow industry can more quickly adapt to changes in demand for the electronics industry. PCB Partner Network currently registered buyers reached 13,647 registered suppliers 2029, online purchase amount reached 105 billion yuan.

President of the Urban Institute will Gao Haiyan City analysts believe that leveraging third-party professional e-commerce service platform, powerful aggregation utility, will bring a lot of PCB service resources Shenzhen, Shenzhen is entirely possible to promote a global trading center PCB.

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