eagle pcb design

- Jun 08, 2017-

How to Generate Gerber files for an Eagle PCB Project

1.Download Eagle pcb design software

2. Open your project with Eagle.

3. Click on .brd file to view the board layout.


4. Click on CAM Jobs icon on the top toolbar .


5. From here, go to the File menu, then go Open > Job


6. In the file browser that opens, select the LionCircuits.cam file that you just downloaded.


7. Now the CAM processor window should have a series of tabs: “Top Copper”, “Bottom Copper”, “Drill”, etc. Each of these tabs define how to create one of the gerber files. Now all you have to do is click Process Job.


8. The gerber generation process should be pretty quick. Once it’s run its course, have a look in your project directory, which should have new files in it. In addition to the board (BRD) and schematic (SCH) files, there should now be .GBL, .GBO, .GBS, .GTL, .GTO, .GTS, .DRD and .GKO.





9. Compress all eight files.


10. Done!

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