Distinguish between the advantages and disadvantages of LED lamps

- Apr 24, 2017-

1,see the overall "lamp power factor": low power factor, indicating the use of the drive power, circuit design is not good, will greatly reduce the lamp life, power factor is low, the use of no longer lamp beads life will not long The


2, see the "lamp cooling conditions - materials, structure": LED lighting is also very important, the same power factor lamps and the same quality of the lamp beads, if the heat conditions are not good, the lamp beads at high temperatures, Large, lamp life will be reduced.


3, see "light bead quality": lamp quality depends on the quality of the chip and packaging technology.


4, to see the use of the lamp drive power, power supply life relative to other parts of the lamp, the life is much shorter, the life of the lamp life of the overall life, lamp beads of the theoretical life of 5-10 million hours, and power Life expectancy of 0.2-3 million hours, power supply design and material selection will determine the power supply life.


5, see light effect: the same lamp beads power, the higher the luminous efficiency, the higher the brightness, the same brightness, power consumption, the more energy-efficient.


6, see power efficiency, power efficiency, the higher the better, the higher the power itself, the smaller the power consumption, the greater the output power.


7, is to see if it meets the safety standards? China's LED lighting safety standards have been introduced, according to national safety standards for the choice of LED lamps.


8, is to see whether the fine workmanship.


A good quality LED lamps, in addition to the above mentioned several major aspects, but also according to different use of the environment, have different technical requirements, such as moisture, dust, anti-magnetic, anti-lightning and so on.

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