Depth interpretation of the lamp dustproof waterproof test in the international standard how to apply

- May 31, 2017-

Depth interpretation of the lamp dustproof waterproof test in the international standard how to apply

IEC60529 is the International Electrotechnical Commission on the chassis and chassis equipment protection level of the standard documents. The so-called protection level that is standardized with the test method to detect the chassis for the access to dangerous parts, usually with IP code to represent.

The IP code is a coding system used to indicate the level of protection of the enclosure against dangerous components, the entry of external solid targets and the entry of water, and gives information about these degrees of protection. IP code is usually composed of four-digit code. Such as IP23CH, where IP is the international protection code letter; 2 is the first characteristic number, indicating the degree of protection against the access to the dangerous parts and external solid targets, which can be expressed in numbers from 0 to 6, With X to replace; 3 for the second feature number, indicating that the water immersion protection, can be used to 0 to 8 of the number that no such features can also be replaced by X; C for the additional letters, indicating that Close to the protection of dangerous parts, can be used A, B, C, D four letters to identify, but this can be ignored; H for the supplementary letters, you can use H, M, S, W four letters to identify, Ignorable. In this paper, we focus on IP code in the first and second feature numbers.

The first feature number can be 0 to 6 seven digits to identify, we can temporarily ignore the second feature number and additional letters and supplementary letters, and IP0X ~ IP6X. IP1X - protection for external solids ≥50mm in diameter; IP2X - protection against external solids ≥12.5mm; IP1X - protection against external solid ≥50mm diameter; IP3X - protection for external solids ≥2.5mm in diameter; IP4X - protection against external solids greater than 1.0mm in diameter; IP5X - with dust protection; IP6X - with tight dustproof.

For the IEC60529 standard on the dust test in the relevant international and domestic standards are also involved, such as IEC60598 lamps generally require the safety and requirements of Article 2.3 in accordance with the dust and solid foreign body on the classification of lamps; GB2423.37-89 electrical and electronic products basic GB16000.1-1996 and GB7001-1986 lamps general requirements and test standards, these standards are usually only required to do IP5X (GB5000) And IP6X test can be.

The second feature number can be identified by 0 to 8 nine digits, and we will ignore the first and additional letters and supplementary letters for the time being, ie IPX0 ~ IPX8. In the IEC60529 standard, the waterproof rating is described as follows: IPX0 - no protection IPX5 - spray; IPX6 - strong spray; IPX7 - temporary soak; IPX8 - spray Persistent soak. Experimental water requirements for clean water. There are also recommendations for the purpose of using the method to achieve the test, such as IPX1 and IPX2 usually use drip tank. IPX3 and IPX4 using oscillating tube or spray mouth, the radius of the oscillation tube according to the measured area of the object has 8 options, the minimum acceptable diameter of 200mm, the maximum acceptable diameter of 1600mm, according to 200mm equal increments, but the tube The number of openings on the hole varies according to the level. For example, in the IPX3 class, a 200mm tube radius can be opened for 8 holes, while the IPX4 level, 200mm tube radius can be opened 12 holes. IPX5 and IPX6 use water gun, but for different grades used in different nozzle diameter, IPX5 nozzle diameter of 6.3mm, IPX6 nozzle diameter of 12.5mm, nozzle to the chassis distance of 2.5m ~ 3m. IPX7 and IPX8 is used Semi-wetting device, IPX7 standard test time is 30MIN.

IEC60529 standard on the waterproof test in the relevant international standards are also used. IEC60335 safety standards for household and similar electrical appliances and IEC60034-5: 2000 protection of the overall structure of the protection of the standard are mentioned in the waterproof level test.

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