Analysis of LED outdoor lighting design considerations

- Apr 05, 2017-

Outdoor LED lighting design should be consistent with China's latest outdoor lighting fixture 

technical specifications, as well as urban road lighting design standards.

First, the working environment:

LED outdoor lighting due to the relatively poor working environment, by the wind and rain, the sun 

in the ultraviolet light, day and night temperature changes, air dust, chemical gases and other 

conditions, the lamp year after year by the natural aging treatment The Design should take full 

account of the impact of these factors.

Second, LED lighting materials and cooling options:

Shell and radiator design as one, used to solve the problem of LED lighting heating, this way 

better, generally use aluminum or aluminum alloy, copper or copper alloy, and other good thermal 

conductivity of the alloy. Heat dissipation has air convection cooling, strong wind cooling and 

heat pipe heat dissipation, (jet air cooling is also a heat pipe similar to the heat, but the 

structure is more complex.

Choose what kind of cooling methods, the cost of lighting has a direct impact, should be considered,

and design products supporting the best program.

Shade design is also essential, the current use of transparent plexiglass, PC materials, etc., the 

traditional shade is a transparent glass products, what kind of material selection shade with the 

design of the product grade positioning, in general, outdoor lighting The shade is best for 

traditional glass products, it is the manufacture of long life, the best choice for high-grade 

lamps. The use of transparent plastic, plexiglass and other materials to do the lampshade, do 

indoor lamp shade better for outdoor life is limited, because the outdoor sunshine, ultraviolet 

light, dust, chemical gas, day and night temperature changes and other factors to shorten the life 

of the lamp cover , Followed by pollution is not easy to clean up, so that the shade transparency reduces the impact of light output.

Third, LED chip packaging:

At present, the domestic production of LED lamps (mainly street lamps) are mostly using 1W LED 

string, parallel assembly, this method thermal resistance than advanced packaging technology 

products are high, not easy to create high-quality lamps. Or the use of 30W, 50W or even larger 

modules assembled to achieve the required power, these LED packaging materials useful epoxy resin 

package, useful silicone package.

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