Altium PCB in step with the copper Precautions

- Aug 09, 2016-

1. Significance of copper

    Copper is the unused space on the PCB as a reference plane, and then filled with solid copper, which is also known as copper pour copper areas. The significance of copper, reduce ground impedance, improve anti-jamming capability; reduce the pressure drop, improve power efficiency; there is connected to the ground, reducing the loop area.

2. Step copper

(1) below, select the corresponding layer (copper can also be selected in the dialog box);

(2) using the shortcut P, G open copper dialog box, or click the title bar of the second row on the right side "Place polygon plane."

(3) Select the fill mode, silos and copper removal value, select one of three modes (). . Which is connected to the network (generally is the power or ground), select the option to remove dead copper.

(4) determine the mouse to determine copper range.

3. Set with copper wire or via a pitch

    Menu bar - Design - Rule -electrical-clearance- select the right - new rule - left point of the new rules - set box appears on the right - in the above "where the first object matches" box next to the following high-level point "Ask builder "- point to the left of condition types that appear in the drop-down box to select the" object kind is ", the right" condition value "select" poly "- OK - right settings box appears" Ispolygon ", change it to" Inpolygon ", that is, the first two letters S to N- inside the bottom constraints select the smallest interval!

4. copper points to note

(1) Digital and analog ground separate copper differently single point of connection;

(2) Prior to copper, the first bold appropriate power connection: V5.0V, V3.6V, V3.3V (SD card supply), and the like. As a result, the formation of a plurality of polygon structures of different shapes.

Copper, crystal oscillator circuit (3) crystal close to a high-frequency transmission source, practice is surrounded by crystal copper, then the crystal housing grounded separately.

(4) the choice of large copper or copper grid. Usually a high-frequency circuit for multi-purpose anti demanding grid, low frequency circuit has a circuit large current and other common shop full of copper.

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