After the PCB plating treatment step of the process to resolve

- Aug 08, 2016-

Complete PCB plating process includes electroplating after treatment, broadly speaking, all plating layer after plating should be carried out after the completion of treatment. The most simple post processing includes hot water and dried. Many also require a passivation coating, coloring, dyeing, blocking, painting and other processing to the coating performance has been better play and strengthened.

    After plating method is mainly divided into the following 12 categories:

    1, cleaning;

    2, and dried;

    3, with the exception of hydrogen;

    4, polishing (electrochemical mechanical polishing and polishing);

    5, the passivation;

    6, coloring;

    7, dyeing;

    8, closed;

    9, protection;

    10, painting;

    11, failed coating stripping;

    12, bath recycling.

    Use according to design or purpose or non-metal products, electroplating, and can be subsequently processed into three categories, namely, to improve or enhance the protective, decorative and functional.

    (1) Protective Treatment

    In addition to chrome, all other protective coating is as if the surface coating must be appropriately treated to maintain or enhance its protective properties. The most common method of passivating post-treatment method. Relatively high demand for protection but also for surface coating treatment, such as making varnish coating process, from the viewpoint of environmental protection and cost, you can use water-based clear coating.

    (2) other decorative handling

    After the decorative treatment is more common in non-metal plating processes. For example, plating imitation gold, imitation silver, antique copper, brushing, coloring or dyeing and other artistic treatment. Most of these processes also need to surface and then coated with a transparent varnish coating. Sometimes with transparent color coating, such as imitation gold, red, green, purple and other colors of paint.

    (3) post-processing functionality

    Some non-metallic electroplating products are designed for functional needs, but also for some of the following functional electroplating process. For example, as a surface coating magnetic shield layer, it is used as a surface coating of welding solder coating and the like.

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