95 refers to the led lamp beads are more suitable for photography lights

- Apr 05, 2017-

With the continuous improvement of the quality requirements of photography, photographic lighting 

effects are increasingly demanding. In the night, interior, hotel, car, elevator and other complex 

environment, in order to shoot a beautiful picture, you need a reasonable use of light. Efficient 

LED photography light to fill light, not only need to cooperate with the scene light to build the 

main light, auxiliary light, contour light, make full use of the natural light outside the window, 

but also need to use high color rendering index LED lighting light to fill light shooting. Through 

these processing will have a better quality shooting environment and shooting results.

Photographic works, the subtle degree of television shooting than the requirements are much higher.

 Especially the point and line lighting, the use of modern lighting technology, shooting effects 

will be greatly improved, but the TV image has entered the era of high-definition, so the lighting 

requirements are also improved.

The use of high color rendering index of the photographic light, photographic effects can be more 

quality in the works. Brightness can be done according to different environments, good color 

rendering (Ra ≥ 95) can almost completely restore the color of the object itself, can be outlined 

details such as eyes and so on. Appropriate to adjust the light source, you can make a better 

character image effect, which adds to the photographic art of new, operational technical conditions.

Source Lei technology high color rendering index LAMP photography light series lamp beads, with 

patented materials with. So that the lamp beads to ensure the case of luminous flux to improve the 

color rendering index, the color rendering index of up to 95 or more. This process of photography 

in the photographic effect of photography has a decisive role, beautiful picture, high-definition 

images are closely related with the color. So 95 refers to the LMAP lamp beads more suitable for 

photographic light, more suitable for the requirements of higher lighting areas. (Author: Lei 

source R & D engineers)

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