3w flat led panel light with ceramics material

- Apr 18, 2017-

3w flat led panel light with ceramics material



Led chip

3w cob led chip


Ceramics material




3000-3200k/ 600-6500k

Input voltage




Thermal Conductivity

1 w/m.k

Life span



90mm,100mm, 113mm, 120mm, 135mm, 145mm



1, 3w flat led panel light is an ideal lighting system for the new energy saving led bulb. The led bulb made by new aluminum pcb for led compared with the traditional tungsten filament lamp or flash bulb is more efficient. 18w led bulb will have the same lighting result with the 28w traditional lamp. It can save a lot of electricity.

2, led printed circuit board is more efficient, if it can be powered by new energy, such as the sun, to make the solar light system. As led solar street light, led solar garden light, led solar wall light, led solar flood light and so on.

3, The inside or outside led driver is needed for this pcb led board

4, pcb with ceramics material is ideal components for led light, such as household led panel light, led ceiling light, led wall light, led down light, and led spotlight and so on. It can power by any energy you can think out to save the electricity.

5,pcb for led lighting Available in 3W, 5W, 7W, 9W, 12W, 15W, 18W, 24W, 30W etc.

6, pcb led board Available in many size, such as 23mm, 26mm, 32mm, 40mm, 44mm, 47mm, 50mm, 56mm, 58mm, 65mm, 78mm, 80mm, 85mm, 90mm, 100mm, 120mm, 135mm, 145mm, etc.



1. Unique 3w flat led panel light with ceramics, departed with led driver, so that easy to fixed if one of them is broken down and with good heat dissipation.

2. Size and Watt are flexible, it is customized.

3. Much longer life span and stable working performance. Hardly any maintenance cost is needed.


Packaging & Shipping

Packaging Detail: Standard Anti-static bag and carton package.

Delivery Detail: 15-25 days upon received the deposit of led pcb.

Rigao will offer technical guidance for you choose the right aluminum pcb for led led bulb.

Rigao promises to respond with customer's questions within 24 hours.

Payment Terms: 30% deposit in advance for production and 70% before shipment.

Lead Time: 2~3 weeks upon receipt of payment for led solar street lights.              

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