2L pcb processing

- Mar 21, 2017-

pcb processign summay

1,Cut the material by cutting machine like this :

 pcb size cut

2,Drilling—the first drilling to make all the plated through holes :        

 pcb drilling

3,Planel plating ,make the holes drilled at step2 and the whole panel have copper 

 pcb plating

4,Place the dry film(photosensitive material) on the board by this kind of machine.    

film for pcb

Then Use some software (protel99 , office ,ACD, photoshop ) print the circuit on the negative film ,put this film on 

the board ,put them in the exposure machine ,the transparency parts of the film will feel the light; then put board into 

the developing machine, the parts that felt the light of the films will be melted by developing machine .pattern plating


5, Pattern plating(of course ,before plating , the board will be clean ): make copper cover the reveal parts according 

to requirement of copper thickness Tin plating : make tin cover the reveal parts to protect the circuit .

 pcb plating

7,Etching :first of all ,clean the dry film by NaOH ,and copper uncovered by tin will be cleaned by 

CuCl2(Cu2++NH4OH+ NH4CL ) and left the circuit covered by tin ,second of all tin that was used to protect the

 circuit will be cleaned by HNo3 ,after that we will get the formed circuit covered by copper.  

etching for pcb

8,Middle Inspection :To check if some not good boards ,or some boards can be fixed.

9,Solder mask and screen marks : solder mask to protect the circuit and make board looking good ,

 soler mask

screen marks marking the position and orientation of components to make assembly easy.

 silk-screen for pcb

10,Surface treatment :purpose is to offer the soldering interface ,make pads and some holes with some conduct material ,such as HASL :the tin is the conduct covering the pads ,ENIG: nickel and gold is the conduct covering the pads .

11, Appearance shape: Punching  V-CUT Clean out Inspection

12,TEST:Flying probe or E-test 

13,OQC:FQC workers inspect all boards 

14,Package and label, Pcb is finished.

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