17mm Circuit Board Pcb For Led Lighting With 15W Cob Led Chip

- Apr 07, 2017-

17mm Circuit Board Pcb For Led Lighting With 15W Cob Led Chip


17mm Circuit Board Pcb is our main product, which asked the aluminum as the material for led pcb, and with good quality led. Every led light circuit board is with 15w cob led chip, which is made by Chinese supplier SANAN factory, and the led with 10watt power. The size of this circuit board pcb is 17mm, any other size that you want is acceptable for us. The cob led chip can be used for your many led light products such as the led ceiling light, led panel light, led bulb light, led down light, led floor light. And you can design your own led board circuit, or use our led board circuit directly. Our supported lumen is 120lm/W. and If you choose our 17mm circuit board pcb and our led driver for led lighting, your led lights can have a long life span at least 20000hours.


Circuit board pcb with 15w Cob led chip:

Minimum Order   Quantity




Part Number




Type of   Lighting Application

Indoor   lighting, Outdoor Lighting, Led panel light, led ceiling light, led bulb   light, led down light, led floor light




Main Feature of 17mm Circuit Board Pcb:

1, With convenient 15W cob led chip

2, Flexible Size of aluminum pcb size and led size

3, 1.0mm pcb thickness with 1.0W/M.K TC

4, Can be used for many led products


OEM services we offered:

1.    Pcb manufacturing, led pcb manufacturers

2.    Components assembly, including led(2835, 2538, 5050, 5730 etc. ) smt

3.    Led driver for driving led pcb

4.    Mounting 15w led pcb with suitable led driver

5.    Assembling enclosure to making the complete led panel light or led lamp.

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