10 possible causes that make LED drive failure

- Apr 07, 2017-

10 possible causes that make LED drive failure

Basically, the main role of the LED driver is to convert the input AC voltage source can be 

converted to output voltage with the LED

As a key component in LED lighting, the quality of LED driver directly affects the reliability and 

stability of the whole lamp.This paper, from LED drive and other related technologies and customer 

experience, Finishing analysis of lighting design and application of a lot of failure:

1, did not consider the LED lamp beads Vf range, resulting in low efficiency lamps, and even work 


2, did not consider the power margin and derating requirements

3, do not understand the working characteristics of LED

4, failure in the test

5, different load, the test results are different

6, often occur in the following conditions will lead to LED driver damage

7, phase line wrong

8, the scope of fluctuations in the power grid beyond a reasonable range

9, the line frequent trip

10, drive cooling

In summary, the LED driver in the practical application of a lot of details need attention, many 

problems need to be analyzed in advance, adjust, to avoid unnecessary failure and loss!

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