flexible circuit board design, flexible PCB production and FPC board assembly services

flexible circuit board design, flexible PCB production and FPC board assembly services

Quick Details: Place of Origin: SZ,GD,China Manufacturer: Rigao Electronics Services Code: RG-002 Product Name: Flexible PCB Board Manufacturer Board material: PI Board thickness: 0.10mm PCB L

Product Details

Among those famous flexible circuit board design, flexible pcb production and fpc board assembly services manufacturers, Rigao Electronics is a professional flexible circuit board design, flexible pcb production and fpc board assembly services supplier and factory, we can offer you customized products price and quotation consultation, welcome to buy our products at low price.

Quick Details:

Place of Origin: SZ,GD,China
Manufacturer: Rigao Electronics
Services Code: RG-002
Product Name: Flexible PCB Board Manufacturer
Board material: PI
Board thickness: 0.10mm 
PCB Layers: 1 layers
Copper thickness: 1oz
Surface finishing: ENIG
Solder mask: BLACK
Silk screen: WHITE
Min line width: 0.1mm
Min line spacing: 0.1mm
Min hole size: 0.2mm
Impedance control: No
Buried and blind holes: No
Special process: No

Packaging & Shipping 

Packaging Details: inner Anti - static bag, vacuum packing Outer-corrugated export carton

Delivery Detail: two weeks after we receive customers' payment


 1 units






UL Cert. 


ISO Cert.

 ISO9001 :2008






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Customer Visiting

The following questions are often asked from our clients, we sum it up for our new customer and if you have any more question please contact us:

Q: What is your MOQ?
A: We accept any quantity you want to order, prototype and mass production both are welcome.

Q: What do you need for quotation?
A: We need six informations from you as following show:
- Material:
- Board Thickness:
- Copper Thickness:
- Surface treatment:
- Gerber rle or other PCB data hle:
- Quantity:
For PCB assembly, we need BOM of components.

Q: Can you provide reverse engineering?
A: Yes, we do this service and we call it PCB or PCBA clone/copy,we just need the sample from you.

Q: Do you have your owr products?
A: No, we just do the customized PCB and PCBA prodution, also PCB/PCBA design is welcome.

PCB Design:

For PCB and PCB Assembly board design, clients need provide the following info to us:
(1)Mechanical Drawing of the Board.
(2)Schematics or Net list.
(3)BOM (Bill of Materials).
(4)preliminary Layout Instructions(SOW with Electrical Constraints).
(5)Product Requirements(Certifications,Standards,etc.).
(6)Deliverable Items Required.
(7) Schedule Needs.

If you don't have the upper information, please see following:
1. description of idea
2. detailed function
3. pcb application environment
4. pcb certification requested
5. drawing of enclosure/box
Please contact us if you need any pcb and pcb assembly design, layout, we will reply back as soon as possible.

Followings are our PCB  and PCB assembly production's application description:

1.  The PCB of automobile electronic industry:
In the automotive electronics industry, RIGAO will use more advanced electronic technology to design engine and safety control system, in the navigation, audio system, LED lamp, electronic lock, parking radar system and motor controller as well, the main use of multilayer board, high density board, iron plate board, aluminum pcb board, and other advanced
PCB to meet the above requirements. RIGAO work with automotive electronics manufacturers and design company has many years experience of cooperation, can provide PCB in your car products really need you.

2.  The communications industry PCB board:
Ultra thin, small volume, multi function has become the trend of development of the communications industry, at the same time, the demand for PCB is also more and more. RIGAO have  come into PCB board used in the communications industry for many years of production xperience, we can quickly meet your whether special material or special technology needs. Such as high PCB, high Tg PCV, high density PCB, Teflon PCB, gold PCB and other advanced.

3.  Digital electronics industry PCB:
In the past few years, we have produced hundreds of applications to the digital industry PCB, so we have a wealth of experience, to meet you in a different time of digital product requirements.

4.  Industrial electronics industry pcb circuit board:
RIGAO provide customers with not only PCB, but also provide various service related with PCB. As long as the customer needs we will make every effort to meet, for example, quick turn sample run, prototype of service etc.. We can provide services for the rapid production of 24 hour, engineering problems related to PCB will reply within 2 hours, the fastest offer in 4 hours.

5.  Security industry in circuit board products:
RIGAO provide various applications in the electronic circuit of the security industry board, such as flexible circuit board, mulitlayers pcb, the metal substrate, HDI board. Our pcb board used in CCTV display, wireless alarm system, and other electronic security products field.

6.  LED PCB:
We provide different kinds of LED circuit board, LED aluminum plate, high power thick copper plate, ceramic plate, FR4 board of low power LED, high temperature of circuit board. Because the aluminum substrate with good heat dissipation, high power LED products will be the use of aluminum substrate.

7.  LCD PCB:
PCB board we produce be used in various different sizes of LCD, such as the mini LCD, 65 inch TV. We are fully in accordance with IPC standard to make the circuit board, but also conforms to the ROHS standard.

Packing & Shipping

We use K=A professional export cartons for all pcb and pcb assembly board packing, it will protect our production carefully and this cartons is not easy extrusionforming. Vacuum packing will protect each pcb and pcb assembly board, PE foam lean on inner wall of export carton.

Our Services:

We can provide the following services:
Fully Electronic Manufacturing Services(EMS):
1. PCB Assembly: SMT, THT/DIP, BGA, COB soldering.
2. PCB Manufacture: 1-64 layers, Buried & Blind via PCB, Imdepence PCB, Highfrequency PCB, FR-4, Flexible PCB, Flex-rigid PCB, Aluminium PCB.
3. PCBA Testing Jigs: PMMA, Automated & Manual Tooling.
4. Design: we need a idea or schematic diagram for PCB & PCBA design.
5. Copy & Clone: PCB and PCBA copy, we can provide you gerber file and BOM file after we done.
Welcome all kindly of pcb and pcb assembly business for inquiry, we will feedback to you soon.

As a modern electronic device electronic component mounted substrate, the main function is to connect the PCB to form a predetermined circuit electronic components, electronic products, the agency is well-deserved and bridges. Therefore, PCB board is called the "mother of the electronic systems," their level of development may reflect the pace of development and technical standards of a country or region of the electronics industry to a certain extent.

As a global electronics consumer, China's PCB market demand has maintained growth momentum. From the statistics, the current Chinese PCB has occupied more than 40% of global market share, industry scale ranks first in the world, and the average annual growth rate of 6.0% of the industry, the prospects for the outside world looking on this emerging industry. In fact, China PCB industry in the international market did not match the strong and the digital dominance; on the contrary, in some high-end circuit board industry less kinetic energy, innovation is not enough, for the accuracy and complexity of product requirements and other issues are not in place to be solved, this process requires sustained effort at all levels of PCB industry and pay.

Will be held August 25 - 27 at the opening of the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center "2015 Shenzhen International Sourcing Fair circuit board" (Shenzhen International Circuit Sourcing Show 2015, referred to as the CS Show), is an annual PCB product technology showcase, talent exchange market good chance. For this one to PCB / FPC / HDI / MPCB / IC carrier procurement themed trade show, we are concerned about the number of exhibitors, the number of new appearance, how much technology is a breakthrough, while some industries should know more about the PCB's news, listen to the current interpretation of PCB production industry puzzled scholars, only to these propositions and digging depth discussion, in order to promote and help upgrade the entire PCB industry. The CS Show 2015, the organizers invited a number of PCB production academic elite, well-known and high-quality corporate buyers on behalf of, more than the theme of the forum, special events poised intend to share on behalf of the industry's highest level of new technology and new philosophy audience, now began to apply to visit it.

Green factory concept, electronics manufacturing and Green Procurement Forum topic lot

PCB circuit board manufacturing process involves dozens of procedures, including an electroplating process, thus inevitably cause some environmental pollution. In the industrial environment of the context of the current green, green has become an inevitable trend of development. For PCB manufacturers, to the maximum extent to reduce pollution, the use of green energy technologies, new materials technology, production methods and wisdom, perhaps the most important breakthrough in the future direction and development of PCB industry.

"China's electronics manufacturing and Green Procurement Summit" With CS Show 2015 platform, the organizers will invite a large number of electronics manufacturing industry elite, live models and experiences to share advanced green procurement, manufacturing and purchasing managers in the chain of enterprises People build a smooth communication platform, in the new normal actively promote the electronic information industry to the green manufacturing restructuring. Highlighting the PCB industry eco achievements, and actively promote the concept of green plant, "China's electronics manufacturing and Green Procurement Summit" will be held, will contribute the development of the electronics manufacturing industry chain green maximum strength.

Prospective vision industry, PCB industry trends future thematic exhibition area layout

As we all know, the current "Made in China" and "Made in India" is conducting a new round of competition, the world's leading foundry Foxconn work with India, allowed under turned a "world factory" will also be possible. As public concern in China exacerbate overcapacity, rising labor costs through this event, the industry saw the positive side of it is another. While the rapid development of global electronic product miniaturization, high performance, multi-functional and high-frequency signal transmission (speed) of whether we should abandon some low, repetitive, rough outline of the foundry business, to seize this a rare opportunity to guide and promote China's PCB industry rapidly from traditional foundry to high density, fine transition into the characteristics of the product, we believe this is the development of the road should China PCB industry.

CS Show 2015 earlier this year, the organizers will bring together a number of elite academia produced, well-known exhibitors, high-quality audience, opening up "PCB industry trends theme display area," PCB industry trends to their own experiences. The main theme display area to initiate PCB industry, the development progress based, and include industry trends to predict future discussion shows, the two sides PCB industry scale and technology roadmap, market development of the terminal of the electronics industry, industrial layout and future direction and so on.

From manufacturing to innovative breakthroughs, new products and technologies will be published activate industrial source of power

Innovation is the source of industrial development, the global consumer electronics market with the recent rapid development of PCB industry in the productivity and quality have put forward higher requirements. On CS Show 2015 exhibition, we will delighted to see a large number of PCB latest products, most of them with originality as the active force, with outstanding performance and value to guide the PCB industry's future development direction.

To this end, the organizers specially set up a "new product technology presentation" during the exhibition, it aims to bring together the world's most advanced technologies and products, focusing on promotion and display PCB industry chain of high-end products, technology development, green energy and wisdom Automation development of PCB industry chain enterprises is the best platform to display new technologies, new processes, new materials and the like. There will be a lot of PCB cutting-edge products and technologies will open a mystery at the Forum site, we believe that every product and technology showcase, will become the buyers and sellers to participate in this CS Show 2015 hot topics.

Prospects help the development trend, the Shenzhen PCB industry development forum help the industry take off

As we all know, PCB technology is mainly used in smart phones, tablet PCs and other mobile devices, to some extent, these mobile terminal products market capacity will determine the overall demand of the PCB. Global consumer sentiment fell, the mobile terminal device shipments declined, China's mobile phone market is becoming saturated, are affecting the development of the domestic PCB industry in a wide range.

PCB industry push towards higher density, fine into the characteristics of the product development, opening up new markets, "Shenzhen PCB Industry Development Forum" Perhaps at this time can give directions for the exhibitors and visitors. The Industry Development Forum "forward-looking trend, boost development" as the goal, invite well-known enterprises, as well as senior advanced PCB industry experts, on "mobile communication device, a high-frequency / high-tech materials, networking / car networking, industrial automation robots 4.0 "theme to share valuable knowledge, to promote the development of exchanges PCB industry. Then from manufacturing materials to technical equipment, from components to systems, from applications to services, new technology on PCB, the new topic, new discussions will cover the entire PCB industry chain.

PCB famous blend of hot topics, professional books sales support activities

The industry's development and progress can never out drive technology as the highlight of the annual Shenzhen PCB industry development forum, Mr. Bai from TPCA, senior technology consultant, will bring the most advanced PCB fabrication technology sharing, through the analysis of industry conditions, trends, improve enterprise management, to provide PCB industry development trend of the future, to help businesses understand the world's most advanced PCB technology news, boosting PCB industry transition to high-end technology direction.

Leaving the industry surprise is that the organizers of this exhibition a special report on professional books sale area, including the latest TPCA published most valuable PCB management, technical, marketing and other related books. Top selling books and other theme of the Forum, expert lectures complement each other, so that the audience for the first time on behalf of the PCB industry to master new technologies and new ideas the highest level. All professional books are spot sale price specials. See the exhibition, lectures, purchase new books, CS Show 2015 in Shenzhen Sourcing Show, by creating professional customers and manufacturers direct docking platform that provides true one-stop electronics manufacturing services, not to be missed.

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