Electronic Product Design

Electronic Product Design

Design, Odm, Automatic manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Electronic Product Design,Fire Fighting Water Pump for Industrial and Fire Suppression,New-Developed 4 Zone Fire Alarm Control Panel with Relay Output of Each Zone and so on.

Product Details

Among those famous electronic product design manufacturers, Rigao Electronics is a professional electronic product design supplier and factory, we can offer you customized products price and quotation consultation, welcome to buy our products at low price.

Product Detail

PCB Layer Design Tools
 Cadence Allegro
 Mentor Expedition
 Mentor Boardstation
PCB Layout Design Spec.
Maximum design layers: Open
Maximum number of PIN: 48963
Maximum Connections: 36215
Smallest vias: 8MIL (4MIL laser hole)
Minimum line width: 3MIL
Minimum line spacing: 4MIL
PCB board BGA Number: 44
Minimum BGA PIN pitch: 0.5mm
Highest speed signal: 10G CML differential signals
Fastest delivery: 20000 PIN before the board PCB simulation, placement, and routing, total eight days after the simulation.
High-speed high-density PCB design
High-speed backplane design
Probe card
Motherboards and mobile phone board design
Industrial control panels and test board
Blind and buried vias design
Minimum BGA pin-pith: 0.5mm
High-speed differential signals: 10 GHz differential signal
The minimum line width and line spacing: 3MIL

Minimum via hole size: 8mil (4mil Laser drill)

Our advantages :
1)  High-end, Small volume and Various kinds of PCBA service offered;
2)  Speedy, Flexible and one-stop service in PCBA;
3)  Assembly and Purchasing service offered, all components  are promised to be purchased 100%   
      from Original factories or their pointed agents; 
4)  Transparent quotation,cost and benefit are detailedly opened to customer;
5)   With professional Engineers and Long-term successful experience in cooperating with 
      customers inland and overseas, all new projects can be developed faster and better than expected;
6)   With USA or Japan imported tin cream and tin bar, and 100% AOI testing during production, 
      all PCBAs we made are more reliable.

Our PCBA capability and services: SMT/THT/DIP.
1. Component Purchasing Service
2. SMT assembly and through hole components insertion
3. IC pre-programming / Burning on-line
4. Function testing as requested
5. Complete Unit assembly (which including plastics, metal box, Coil, cable inside etc)
6. Packing design

Our service:
1.We provide 360 days warrantly. 
2.If the item you purchase from our store are not of perfected quality,that is they
   do not work electronically to manufacturers specifications, simply return them to 
   us for replacement or refund. 
3.If the items is defective, pls notify us within 3 days of delivery items 
4.Any must be returned in their original condition to qualify for a refund or buyer 
   the replacement
5.The buyer is responsible for all shipping cost incurred.      


Q: What is your MOQ?
A: We accept any quantity you want to order, prototype and mass production both are welcome.

Q: What do you need for quotation?
A: We need six informations from you as following show:
- Material:
- Board Thickness:
- Copper Thickness:
- Surface treatment:
- Gerber rle or other PCB data hle:
- Quantity:
For PCB assembly, we need BOM of components.

Q: Can you provide reverse engineering?
A: Yes, we do this service and we call it PCB or PCBA clone/copy,we just need the sample from you.

Q: Do you have your owr products?
A: No, we just do the customized PCB and PCBA prodution, also PCB/PCBA design is welcome.

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